Spartansburg Fair

The  Radio Amateurs of Corry will have an exhibit table at the 96th Annual  Spartansburg Fair September 5th – 9th, 2017

This year we will be using a web-based system to signup to help out at the fair table.

Click Here to Sign Up Online.

Note:  The sign-up system is run on a different server.

To sign up:
1) Click the check mark to the right of the day you want to sign up for.
2) Click Submit and Sign Up
3) Enter First and Last Name, E-mail address, and Phone Number and Phone Number
4) Enter any other information that may be helpful for scheduling. Such as: I have leave
by 8 PM. or won’t be there may be running late, etc.
5) Click Sign up Now

After you sign up, an e-mail confirmation will be sent to you. 

If you have any questions, please email. John Lis @

W3YXE Special Event Station @ Spartanburg Fair

09/05/2017 | 96th Spartansburg PA Fair

Sep 5-Sep 9, 0500Z-2300Z, W3YXE, Spartansburg, PA. Radio Amateurs of Corry. 145.11- 147.09+ 14.340 7.2400. Certificate. Via , , Erie, PA 16509. Send email to for certificate. Certificates will be sent via e-mail only.

People were asking why there were turtles on top of Home Show Building #2.  It was lead shot to hold down the mag-mount for the HF Vertical.

2016 Display Table