Digipeater Setup





Digipeater Symbols

Does your digipeater show up correctly on the APRS map?  If your digipeater shows up with a digi star that looks like this , it is probably wrong.  This digipeater star is usually reserved for Winlink 2000 digipeaters.  Remember that these digipeaters also show up in the APRS internet data stream so any APRS IS station can see them.  A correctly configured APRS digipeater will show up as  with an overlay character inside the star such as an “S”.

The CURRENT overlays are:

  • N for WIDEn-N’s “R,W,Wn…” The old OBSOLETE flooding WIDEn-N’s
  • L for Limited WIDEn “W2…” W2 recommended. SSn-N not supported
  • S for State Systems “W2, SSn-N…” W2 recommended. Supports SSn-N
  • 1 for FILL-IN DIGIS “W1-1…” For a FILL-IN WIDE1-1 only digi
  • 1 for 1-hop enforced “11,22,21,33…” Such as LA, etc
  • P for PacComm digi “11,22,21,33…” or what ever is in ALIAS list
  • A for Alt-Input digis”W2, SSn-N… Alt-Input on 144.99
  • X for eXperimental

The OBSOLETE Overlays are:

  • R for RELAY only digis <== OBSOLETE. MYALIAS should be Fill-IN DIGIS now (a 1 for the overlay)
  • W for WIDE or R,W digis <== OBSOLETE. Should be WIDE1-1 only
  • T for PacComm TRACE digis <== should be changed to “P”
  • F for old KPC ver 8.2 <== should be updated to New n-N as an “S”
  • U for UI-Digi *Should use “S” (or “L”) when updated to New n-N
  • D for DIGI_NED *Should use “S” (or “L”) when updated to New n-N